Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to read about our journey! My name is Mauli (pronounced like the Hawaiian Island Maui, but add a L. hehe). I’m married to Ram, my high school sweetheart and on a sunny winter’s day we had our beautiful baby boy, Jailon.

By day I am a senior accountant, yes! a number cruncher. I am most happiest when I am around family, making a difference and babies!! (perhaps because I'm the eldest of 3 kids ...). I have always been passionate about natural remedies and nourishing our bodies from the inside out.


Does the sight of plastic containers annoy you? Well, it definitely irks me. They're hard to clean and even when you do, you know they're not 'really' clean plus they hurt our planet! Therefore, I made the switch to glass containers but even I've broken a few. 

So, when it was time to start the weaning process for little Jailon, I wanted to establish a good relationship between him and healthy food. I want him to grow up being conscious about not only what he's putting into his body, but also about the damaging effects we are having on our Earth. 

The more mindful I am about our home (our body and planet earth) the more likely he’ll grow up to share the same love and care.

I knew glass bowls weren't exactly kid friendly but there had to be a better option than the plastic baby bowls that I was seeing everywhere!!

Alas! Silicone! Antibacterial, eco-friendly, non-toxic and kid safe.

Winter’s Sun is passionate about push starting that healthy start to life by providing high quality, fun, non-toxic feeding tools at an affordable price.

Lets make this journey fun and satisfying to not only bub's little tummy but our hearts too!!


It took 44 hours of labour, a water birth and a second degree tear to hold my precious son in my arms.

Do I remember the pain?

No, just that beautiful sunny winters day where he took my breath away ...

Hence, Winter’s Sun.